Late Dr. Mithilesh Memorial Scholarship :
Monastic School provides ‘Late Dr. Mithilesh Memorial Scholarship’ for 3 students every year from Grade 5 onwards for 3 academic years.
One student who has completed Grade IV at Monastic School.
Two students who have completed Grade IV from any other school (1 boy and 1 girl).

Student who has completed Grade IV can apply for the scholarship.
Application forms for scholarship should be filled and submitted to the school office.
Students will sit for an entrance test.

On being selected in the entrance test, the students and parents will be called for an interview.
Once being selected for the scholarship, students will be awarded 100% scholarship on tuition fee for 3 academic years. (Grade 5 to Grade 7)

Scholarship for Grade XI (Monastic Campus)
A+ 100% Admission + Tuition fee
A – 50% Admission + Tuition fee
B+ 25% Admission + Tuition fee 50%
For School topper – 50% scholarship on Admission + Tuition fee

Note: For Martyrs’ family 50% scholarship on Admission + Tuition fee (school and campus)