Monastic Pre-school (Age 2+)

Our school aim is to give our students the freedom to think and empower them to be whatever he/she wants to be using the skills they have developed while at school. At Monastic Pre-school children learn to communicate, interact, express and improve their
emotional and social development.

Monastic Pre-school curriculum offers a wide discipline like art & craft, drama, dance & music and sports. Physical and mental developments are happening in early years of the children (both gross and fine motor). So, Monastic Pre- school ensures that a variety of activities are available for the children. The teacher/student ratio ensures that teacher can work in small groups and give students the individual attention they deserve. Parents are welcomed in Monastic Pre-school to communicate with teachers and management for the detail of development in their children.

Explore the joy of learning

  • Providing a nurturing environment
  • Encouraging curiosity in children
  • Mentors your kids with adore
  • The learning process with parents as equal partners
  • Creating experiences where children learn at play and apply in life.