Middle School (Grade 6-8)

Education in Monastic Middle School is skill based, challenging, creative and flexible and requires a great deal of discipline. It also fosters understanding among young people around
the world. Students need to become experts at learning, thinking, evaluation and communicating. These are the factors that will stand the students in good stead in their professional lives.

A balanced curriculum is provided to students in grade 6 to grade 8, which focus on the necessary skill development, knowledge and understanding. In these years the focus is on discovery, innovation, action and reflection.

In grade 8, there is district level board examination which is conducted by Ministry of Education, Nepal.

Students are encouraged to acquire skills like:
i. Problem solving
ii. Oral skills
iii. Recall of knowledge
iv. Initiative
v. Team work
vi. Investigative skills

Subjects in Monastic Middle School
i. English (Literature, Grammar)
ii. Nepali
iii. Social Studies
iv. Health Education & Environment
v. Mathematics
vi. Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
vii. Technology (Computer, Smart Class)
viii. General Knowledge
ix. SQC