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Celebrating “International Women’s Day 2021”

We celebrated the “International Women’s Day 2021” in our school with all our Female Teachers.
Founder Principal Mrs. Veena Devi Sah expressed her views that She believe Female teachers are important for education systems and for gender equality. That female teachers may increase girls’ test scores and their likelihood of staying in school, heighten their aspirations, and lower their likelihood of being subject to violence.
Dr. Sonu Kumar in his gratitude speech thanked every female teachers in our school. He Further added, “Female empowerment in the education sector can create a school environment that can makes girls feel comfortable to learn and grow. When increasing numbers of teachers are encouraged, facilitated and supported to work as teachers, these objectives can be realized in a greater measure.”

Dr. Tejaswini Shah in her closing speech thanked every teachers and explained how women teachers inspires children. The role of women teachers as role models to students cannot be underestimated. Women teachers are vital to communities as well as girls.

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