About Janakpurdham

Janakpur Dham is one of the historical and religious cities of Nepal. Janakpur is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus all over Nepal and India. It is the birthplace of Goddess Janaki or Sita (Hindu epic the Ramayana). In ancient times, Janakpur was the capital city of the Kingdom of Mithila and the centre of Maithil culture.

Janakpur is the headquarter of Dhanusha District. Janakpur is connected by roadways and airways to the capital city Kathmandu. Janakpur is 20 km away from the Indian borders (Bihar)

Important Places


Hindu Pilgrims from Nepal and India comes here to pay homage at the Janaki Mandir– Janaki (Goddess Sita), the daughter of King Janak. The temple was constructed in 1874 . The marriage anniversary of Lord Rama and Sita is celebrated in Janakpur every year on Vivah Panchami.

In the southwest corner of Janaki Mandir is the Vivah Mandap, which has been built at the site where the marriage of Ram and Sita is said to have been taken place.

The Mithila region prides itself in having a large number of ponds. Janakpurdham is said to have
as many as 115 ancient ponds of historical and mythological importance. Among the ponds, Ganga Sagar, Parshuram Kunda and DhanushaSagar
are held extremely sacred.Chhath festivals are also celebrated in these ponds.

Situated 18 km north-east of Janakpurdham, Dhanushadham, is believed to be the place where the broken remains of the divine Shiva bow fell after Ram broke it to obtain Sita’s hand in marriage. A fossilized fragment of the broken piece is still believed to be present here.