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Day-01-36th Annual School Day

Monastic School has celebrated its 36th Annual Day today at Late Dr. Mithilesh M. Auditorium. The anniversary day celebrated joyfully and each and every event conducted very impressively. The program was hosted by Monastic school where it was performed under the presidency of Mrs. Veena Devi Sah, the founding member of the school. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was honorable Md. Lal Babu Raut, Chief Minister of province no.2, Nepal. The special guest of the ceremony was Mr. Ram Ashish Yadav, the cabinet member of province no.2 In addition to, All the teaching and non-teaching staffs Monastic School, Annapurna School and Monastic College were cordially invited at the program. From the media person, many journalists from different television and F.M. were presented at the moment. The welcome speech was stated by Dr. Sonu Kumar, the MD of the school . The speech included the history of monastic school and the marvelous performances of all the staffs. Moreover, the teachers and the staffs who have contributed their long years of services (15 to 29 years) for holistic development of the school were cherished by providing them excellence certificate and token of love by the honorable Chief minister, Md. Lal Babu Raut, Mr. Ram Ashish Yadav, cabinet member of province no.2 , Dr. Sonu Kumar MD. of the school and Mrs. Veena Devi Sah , the founding member of the school.

The School 36th anniversary was celebrated by cutting the cake with birthday song sung by teacher Mrs. Sangeeta Deo. At the end, the ceremony was concluded by performing songs and cultural events by teachers and students where this beautiful event ended by thank you note by Dr. Sonu Sah and the day achieved a grand success.

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